"The Fastest Safest Trimming Cutting Kit in the world. 

Hover Trimmer offers High Speed - Power and Can Trim Along any Wall Edge Or 

Around a Tree Without The Cutting Blade Touching the Tree or wall".  

"Watch The Video To See How Hover Trimmer Works!

"Revolutionary New Technology Design Generates a Downward Flow of

Kinetic Energy During Weed Eater Trimmer Acceleration, Simulating "Flight Mode" 

Technical Video Features Of The Patented Hover Trimmer Kit 

The Hover Trimmer solution hovers on a two to three millimetre cushion of air making the machine almost weightless to the operator preventing strain and fatigue. This revolutionary technology generates a downward flow of kinetic energy during acceleration, simulating "flight mode". 

The Hover Trimmer weed eating solution literally hovers on a cushion of air as if by "magic" presenting the operator with an effortless time saving trimming experience.

Watch How Hover Trimmer preforms After Been Fitted To A five year old 35cc engine, straight shaft fuelled powered Weed Eater String Trimmer line machine.
The unique hovering action of the Hover Trimmer solution is the result of aeronautical anti- gravity technologies combined.