Stops Nylon String Pollution

Suitable For All Terrains 

! The Fastest Safest Trimmer Blade Mowing System Ever Invented ! 

 Hover Trimmer String Line Cord Replacement Solution  
With Unique Aero- Propeller Safety Blade Guard Protection Kit.  


How The Hover Trimmer Works

The ergonomically designed Hover Trimmer safety blade guard protection shield slides easily over the shaft of straight shaft weed eater trimmers measuring up to 28 mm in diameter. The unique safety blade guard protection feature eliminates centrifuging and traps debris that trimmer string line would normally propel into the air, offering the operator, the public, the trees, plant life and vehicles protection from harm.

Hover Trimmer trimmer string line cord replacement kits are available in two sizes, both of which will transform a traditional string line weed eater trimmer into a safer trimming solution, capable of cutting through large areas of long grass, tough weed and bracken very quickly and effortlessly.

The Hover Trimmer cutting blades should be sharpened regularly and wiped clean after use to maintain the highest performance from The Hover Trimmer string line cord replacement solution. Every Hover Trimmer kit comes complete with a blade sharpening file so the blade can be kept maintained by the user at all times.

The aerodynamic propeller shaped steel cutting blade will pulverize unwanted weed growth into fine dust particles which mulch down naturally and create valuable nutrients in the soil. Fallen leaves are sucked into the Hover Dome and transformed into dust particles which provides organic rich food for a wide variety of wildlife and nature.

The unique hovering action of the Hover Trimmer solution is the result of aeronautical anti- gravity technology. The Hover Trimmer solution hovers on a two to three millimeter cushion of air making the machine almost weightless to the operator preventing strain and fatigue. This revolutionary technology generates a downward flow of kinetic energy during acceleration, simulating "flight mode". The Hover Trimmer weed eating solution literally hovers on a cushion of air as if by "magic" presenting the operator with an effortless time saving trimming experience.

The Hover Trimmer solution will cut petrol usage by up to 99% upon reaching "hover flight mode". Carbon Co2 emissions from weed eater trimmer usage around the world can be reduced dramatically with this unique new trimmer string line cord replacement tool.

Please take the time to study health and safety advice prior to operating outdoor power tools. Our Safety tips page can offer guidance on staying safe and healthy during operation mode. 

                                                   The New Greener Safer Alternative In Trimmer String Line Replacement.  


No more replacing trimmer "string", "line" or "cord" as the Hover Trimmer kit is fitted with a stainless steel trimmer blade which is capable of cutting through the toughest weeds etc. Reduce trimming time by 50% allowing you to gain more time for other gardening chores. The aerodynamic propeller blade eliminates centrifuging and doubles the trimmer output, turning the trimmer into a turbo trimmer like no other. The results are : the work will be completed in half the time of a string grass trimmer.

Due To the reduction in cutting time, the Hover trimmer will save you money on fuel consumption, as it will use less fuel than the string trimmer. Rising fuel prices over the last few years has had a dramatic effect on the profitability in the landscaping and grounds maintenance Industries. All Hover Trimmers come complete with Sharpening File & Spacer including full instructions on how to transform your existing Grass String Trimmer into the World's only Hover Trimmer. 

The HT- 002  Hover Trimmer Kit is recommended for straight shaft trimmer brush cutter weed eater  machines of any size engine.

The HT - 002 aero dynamic propeller shaped steel cutting blade measures 34cm in diameter and is recommended for use with straight shaft trimmer brush cutter weed eater machine engines of any cc size.

The HT - 002 safety guard protector shield measures 45cm in diameter and is recommended for use with straight shaft trimmer brush cutter weed eater machine engines of any size. 

The Safety Guard protector shield fits brush cutter, weed eater, trimmer machines with a straight shaft of up to 28mm in diameter.

The Hover Trimmer string line cord replacement kits are easily and quickly assembled, simply follow the instructions on the How To Fit page.

Please Note: The HT -002 Model can be used with any Engine Size Straight Shaft Weed Eater Trimmer machine.

Watch Our Video Page For More Fitting Details.


Thanks to the Hover Trimmer Dome’s design, the operator is protected, but as with all garden power tools the operator should wear protective safety goggles whilst operating the Hover Trimmer.

The unique hovering action of the Hover Trimmer makes it almost weightless to operate, therefore reducing the strain on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Due to the improved cutting time, the fuel emissions are therefore reduced, greatly benefiting the operators health and safety.

The new hover trimmer system is manufactured in accordance with the health and safety regulations EEC 89/392, European safety laws n.626 of 19/09/1994 and also n.242 19/03/1996

Hover Trimmer String Line Replacement Kit